The top 7 trends of digital transformation in the year 2018

digital transformation 2018

We are all expecting that 2018 would be a year with some of the most important digital transformations. The year 2017 has already been quite an eventful year with regards to the digital transformation.

If you want to get some details about the top 7 trends that would lead to a considerable digital transformation in the year 2018 then you can go through the list discussed below:

The year 2018 will see IOT pushing us to the edge

Today more than 8.4 million things are there on the internet. This has increased by about 30% from the previous year. But what you have to understand here is that the internet of things is not everything.

It is rather how we make use of these things once this data is connected and then supplied to us. The three most important trends of this year are edge computing, analytics revolution and %G cell processing. All these things have IOT at the core.

Analytics is the next trend towards digital transformation

The internet of things has been able to create a lot of information that actually has the ability to revolutionize everything starting from the manufacturing industry to the healthcare industry.

It has also made them work much more cost-effectively as well as efficiently. A number of companies were also able to cut down on their costs.

Today some of the most reputed tech companies like IBM and Microsoft also invest in Analytics especially the combination of IOT and analytics because they have the power of combining the new business insights across a wide array of applications as well as industries.

Edge compounding is another digital transformation trend

If you are of the opinion that you have already moved to the edge of the digital transformation then it is time that you rethink. This is because, at a time when a lot of companies have just started moving towards cloud computing, edge computing has also come up.

This type of computing will actually help you to handle both the speed as well as the high volume of the data. There is a high possibility that real-time data will be processed by edge computing, however, the relevant and the important data will still be processed by Cloud management.


The amount of data that will be produced by internet of things will actually move the digital transformation to the edge. This will also move the mobile connection providers towards 5G.

Mobile users of today are moving towards hyper-connectivity and so this increases the possibility of the mobile users to bend towards the 5G path. But wait. You need to be patient because the movement towards 5G will not happen overnight. It will surely take some time.

Blockchain will also be developed

Bitcoin even today tends to have a great effect on the stock market, however, in the year 2018, it is more likely that Blockchain will find its place. In fact, it has been observed that blockchain in the second top term that was searched in the search engines in February 2018.

The financial industry will be the first industry that will start making use of this Blockchain technology. In the course of time, all the other industries starting from the hospitality to the entertainment will actually start using it as well.

The apps will become much smarter

Artificial intelligence as of now is just in its initial stages. However, there have been certain scattered implementations starting from the healthcare industry to the marketing and the human resource. For instance, a company known by the name of FDNA has recently launched an application for the Next Generation Phenotype facial pattern. This pattern actually matches across more than 2000 health care facilities all across the world. This is the app that allows all the pediatricians to match the facial characteristics of children against a database that is ever growing. This will make diagnosis easier.

The main frames will also become much more modern

By the end of this year, there will be a number of organizations that will modernize the mainframe. This will also increase their ROI to a great extent. The various organizations are pursuing certain strategies that will provide an opportunity to the mainframe to communicate with the other infrastructure parts through the web.

The year 2018 will surely see a marked development in the digital world. These developments will actually make the world a much more exciting place to live.