Top Career options for students after 12th

career after 12rh

After 12th your life becomes like an open stage. You can choose any stream based on your aptitude. In case you have a good result you simply pursue the career of your choice. You can participate in fields like pharmacy, engineering, and technology, law management, architecture, fashion, textile, library science, social work and the rest.

There are even fields in the art and humanities sections. So, it is important that you choose the field as par requirement and this will help you stand the test in time. In case, you are not sure you can take guidance of an expert who can really help you cross the milestone and gain the status in time.

Architectural Sphere

After 12th you can choose the field of architecture. It is a five years course and the section is known as B. Arch. The eligibility you should have is 12th science PCM with a high percentile.

You have the admission procedure for the course. For attaining the grade you can sit for the National level entrance test like s IIT-JEE, GATE, UPSEE, BITSAT and State level or entrance test. Once you can clear the exam you can seek the job of your choice. You can seek your dream employment in fashion.

Field of Engineering

After passing the 12th standard you can even enter the field of engineering. The career is accepted by students with a science background. The engineering course is of total four years.

You have Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical, Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication, Bachelor of Engineering in electrical, Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engg, Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology and Bachelor of Engineering in Dairy Technology.

There are other fields of specializations like aerospace, marine, petroleum, agriculture, biochemical, automobile, biotechnology, biomedical, and the rest.

The job of a Commercial Pilot

Completing the 12th standard will help you seek the genre of Commercial Pilot. One can seek for commercial pilot training from Aviation Institutes in India. For this, you have to do BSc in Aviation Sciences.

For this, you should have the eligibility of 12th science PCM with the high percentile. There is the perfect admission procedure. You have to sit for the all India written test, and this is known as Pilot Aptitude Test (WOMBAT).

For this, you also need to sit for an interview. To be a commercial pilot you need to have good health and clear eyesight.

The course of Merchant Navy

After you have passed the 12th class you can plan to appear for Merchant Navy. This is a Higher National Diploma or HND. You can even take part in the Nautical Science or Marine Engineering and this is a 1-year course.

There is the Bachelor of Science Nautical Technology. This is a combination if three years training course at the institute, and you have to spend 1 year at the sea. The next is the course of Bachelor of Technology in Naval Architecture and Ship Building.

Eligibility you should have is 12th science PCM with the best percentile. For admission, you need to sit for the All India Merchant Navy Entrance Test or AIMNET. For the course, you need to have the best health condition and eyesight.

Railway Apprentice Examination

After passing the 12th standard you can plan to sit for the Railway Apprentice exam. Once you get selected you need to take part in the four years training course.

Once you pass the exam you can seek the job in the field of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. One is even groomed in the manner to occupy leadership positions in the Indian Railways.

It is the position of the Class 1 Officer. For the post, you need to have 12th science PCM eligibility with a first class. You have to get admitted following a process. You have to sit for the all India Special Railway Apprentice Exam by UPSC.


These are some, and there are even more things you can pursue to sit in the exam. You can take part in Business Administration and Management Studies. You can try the field of commerce. There is even the sector of Arts and Humanities. You can even study further within the nation and you can even move abroad for higher education.