5 Things to do if Your Parents don’t Like Your Partner

things to do if your-parents dont like your partner

Gone are those days when you were unwilling to disclose your relationship with your parents. Now, is the time when you would like to talk about your fiancé or partner and invite the person to a Sunday roast.

It is true that your parents cannot dictate you in terms of choosing your partner. Situations are sure to be unlikely if the person you prefer is disapproved by the family. You start thinking of ways to alter the episode in style.

You must plot out tactics so that your parents start liking your choice and give consent to the marriage. This is how you can win until the end.

1.There should be Mutual Respect

Nervousness on both sides is important. It makes the parents and the partner feel about the first impression. It is good that both the parties do not meet each other multiple times. It is right for the matter to be frosty.

People in personal negotiation should be polite and courteous. Especially your partner should choose the words carefully when he is speaking before your parents. He should not over exaggerate or fumble when speaking.

The partner should act smartly with utmost decency. You cannot push people to like one another. However, there should be mutual respect when the partner meets with the parents.

2.Former Awareness is required

The explanation should come from your end. You are aware of your father’s eccentricities and your mother’s overprotective attitude. This is when you should make people aware of each other.

The formal introduction should be given by you in each other’s absence. You must warn your partner regarding your parents in advance. This will make him come prepared for the occasion. Now, he knows what to say and how to behave in the course of interaction. He is expected not to mess up if he really wants things to work out well.

3.No Need for Back Biting

Don’t talk negatively about anyone behind their back. There is no need to say loose things about your partner to your parents in the heat of the moment. It may be so that you have a fight with your partner one day, and you end up complaining about the person at home.

This can prove to be detrimental later on. Your parents will never forget what you said and how you reacted. They will have a lasting impression about your partner and this can show up when they meet each other.

4.Give Time to the Relationship

It may be so that in the first meeting your parents are not feeling comfortable when talking to your partner. They may not feel like looking straight into the eyes of the person. You should accept this as everything may not work out right in the first meeting.

In case of hesitation, there is no reason to think that things aren’t working the right way. You should give time both ways and wait for the right time for things to happen as expected. A couple of more meetings will bring your parents closer to your partner, and their opinion may change completely.

5.Clarification is Necessary

In case you find that your parents are not acting positively towards your partner, you should talk to them personally. It is important that you ask them as to why they are thinking bad or unlikely about the person.

This is when clarity is required and all misunderstandings should get solved. In case, your parents are defensive you should try and know what really they mean. Don’t overrule their opinion. Give them time and speak about all the good things about the person when you get the scope. This can change the situation in the long run.


A relationship is sacred and pure if the love and longings are true. If there is truth in the relationship you should wait for the right time when your parents will feel good about your partner automatically.

Don’t talk about the engagement from the beginning. Introduce him just like a simple friend who thinks about you and cares for you. This will automatically allow your parents consider him as a good choice. If it is sure to happen no one can break the bondage. It is only that you should try the tactics to make things happen the right way.