House of arts and crafts: The Shilpgram, Udaipur

Shilpgram Udaipur

Shilpgram is situated on 70 acres of land and in the backdrop of Aravali Hills. Shilpgram means in Hindi is a village of arts and crafts.

Shilpgram in Udaipur is one of the seven centers of West Zone Cultural Center( WZCC ) by the Government in the year 1986. Shilpgram is a live museum exhibiting the lifestyle of craftsmen and folk people of West Zone.

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The main purpose of this village complex museum is not to forget the arts and craft of India culture. In these museum huts of member states were represented to make aware of ethnic groups in West Zone of India.

Famous attractions of Shilpgram:

Many artists and craftsmen are allowed to show their talent here by exhibiting their talent in crafts. In Shilpgram, crafts and arts will be put for exhibition and also they will sell to visitors. This village-based complex was divided into two museums.

The one will exhibit all the day to day life crafts, wonders, and aesthetics that are used in rural and tribal life. This museum is only for display. Another museum here is known as the crafts bazaar.

In this museum, craftsmen will be allowed to show their skills and make them sell the crafts to visitors. In this crafts, bazaar visitor can buy the crafts. These two museums are the center of attraction to Shilpgram.

Another attraction of Shilpgram are huts that represent ethnic styles of different places in the West Zone. Totally 26 huts are available which show the lifestyle of people in different places like weavers, potters, craftsmen, and artists.

These huts in this museum are so famous and popular.

The very important things to see here are daily life households like textiles or terracotta, metal or wooden, and the tools that craftsmen and peasants used in rural and tribal life.

All these tools and crafts are explained in a descriptive manner. Shilpgram is the correct place to understand the rural and tribal life of west zone in India.

Another important thing here is the open air theatre with 8000 people capacity. In this theatre, festivals will be celebrated and this theatre attracts a large number of people to experience the folk and traditional arts. At the time of India tour, Udaipur is the most visited tourist destinations.

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The main purpose of Shilpgram:

The main intention of maintaining this village-based complex museum is not to forget the traditions of our olden times. With the help of this museum, a number of craftsmen and artists are living. It depicts the crafts and arts of rural India. This museum will be the best place for students to educate and experience the culture and arts in their lives too. It cultivates the genres of artists and craftsmen. It is the place where all artists and craftsmen work together to enrich the craft models in the museum.

The famous Shilpgram Festival:

Shilpgram Utsav is the most important festival in Udaipur to be seen. This festival will be held for 10 days. A number of artists and dancers will come from different places to showcase their talents at the festival.

Various types of programmes and activities will be taken. The famous traditional tale of Sri Krishna Leela and Verushka Pather attracts the audiences.

Not only these a huge number of performances will be taken place like Pung Dhol Cholam (Manipur), Samai (Goa), Mayur Dance (Uttar Pradesh) etc. Shilpgram Utsav will be held every year and it is famous here.

How to reach:

Shilpgram is located in Tajganj and near to Oberoi Amarvilas. You can reach by regular buses or taxis in Udaipur.

Entry and Timings:

Entry Fee: 30Rs for Indians and 50Rs for Foreigners.

Timings: Everyday from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.     

To more details please visit Shilpgram official website: