8 SEO Tips for photographers website

SEO Tips for Photographers Website

As a photographer, you are creative and know a lot of artistic ways to show their work. But you might not know about SEO- search engine optimization is a way that makes sure that your website is amongst the top ten while searching on Google and other search engines. Here in this article will tell you SEO Tips for photographers website.

For a photography venture, the website is a must to seek clients across the borders and this website must function at the best for this to happen, SEO enables that. Now don’t worry if you don’t have much knowledge about this, because we have just the right tricks and tips for you.

Here are SEO Tips for Photographers Website

1. Use Alt text and Alt tags

It’s crucial to use “Alt text or Alternative tags”, as this provides a description for your image which is really necessary for Google. Simply stated, Google can’t read or understand images and hence needs optimal description, this is a great SEO trick for your Photography website.

2. Optimize images before uploading them to the website

The original work of your for any photo-shoot will be big in size and if you try to upload that on the website it will kill it. The vast size of the photos will make uploading the site slower. And the prospective clients won’t keep trying to watch these images for hours.

Cut down the size to some KBS but don’t compromise the quality, they should not be blurred or pixelated.

Also, the site needs to be mobile savvy and thus don’t upload a 4K image for mobile, a decent quality image with low size would do. This trick will keep the user interface and interaction interesting and consistent.

3. Use the right keywords

If the website of your photography ventures doesn’t use the right keywords while uploading images or describing them then it will be tough for clients to find it.

Google uses keywords to make your site visible in the search engines, so research well about what types of words and phrases people use to find your work online and use those words. Don’t go overboard with them but use it well.

Brainstorm the possible phrases that best describes your work and choose the best 3 or 4 and use it as the keywords. This will help you climb the ranking and get more clicks.

The keyword should be present in SEO title, URL of the site and H1 tag- the most important heading of your page like the title of the article.

4. Create backlinks

Backlinks are links that lead from one website to another website i.e. your website.

A pro tip- go for quality rather than quantity, a single link from a popular and trustworthy website or blog will raise your click rates instead of 10 links from a poor or spam websites.

As a photographer, you have a ton of opportunities for creating backlinks through vendors or location or the clients you shot for. A good relationship with them by commenting on their sites and uploads will help you go a long way. Comment and engage in a discussion on Quora and Reddit or any blog that you want your image to feature in.

5. Have a social media presence

Be active on Instagram and Facebook and other social media accounts to promote your website. The stress of having a social media presence is too much; people are always online on one social media or another.

So if you have an account there and you upload the best of your work and link it with your website, you will get enough traffic.

Apart from that, photo collages are really special for your business. It’s easy to make photo collages and sharing it on your website as well as on social media can really make you stand out.

6. Don’t use duplicate images and pages

It was a trend before when people posted multiple pages with the same content, now doing this will get you penalized. What you can do is make the same post with fresh content. Also, don’t use duplicate images, also give proper credits.

7. Create good, relevant and short content

Words are instrumental in getting your website noted by Google search engines. So don’t just use words to describe your photos and work, any page on the website that involves information must have optimum and keyword worthy words.

Always describe yourself and add contact information etc. they should be short but relevant to your work.

Also, upload blog on your site about tips of clicking photos or telling how you shot a particular event, all these small things make a huge difference.

8. Have local SEO

It means that your website is among the search engines when people search any services location wise. Like if they want the best photographers in Delhi, your site would be on the list if the SEO is locally based.

It has a lot of potential for generating traffic and clients.

Make sure none of these pro tricks and SEO Tips for photographers website gets skipped from your SEO list, these can make a difference between success and failure.

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