Best Places Of Amritsar for Traveling And Eating!

Best Places To visit and Eat In Amritsar

Amritsar is one of the historical city of Punjab which is worldwide famous for its holiest shrine of Sikhism that is The Golden Temple. In this article will tell yu about the best places of Amritsar to visit and eat.

Amritsar is well known for its religious and historical importance which make this the holiest city of Punjab. Apart from this, it is illustrious for the lip-smacking Punjabi food, with a large number of shrines, markets, bazaars, colorful festival.

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Here we will discuss some most prominent places for traveling and eating. Have a look!

Best Places To Visit In Amritsar

1. Golden Temple

This holiest shrine is a symbol of the pride &soul of the Sikhs. It is one of the famous centers of attraction where thousands of visitors explore here across the world and the local people too.

The structure of gurdwara is built with the glistening gold, which looks pretty beautiful. A mystic pond adds charm to the place. People here take a dip in the holy water of the pond.

In the sacred place, you can take blessing from God and taste delicious kada prasad (halwa). Hymns and religious songs are sung by the artisans inside the gurdwara. At this place, you will notice the deep-rooted beliefs of the Sikhs towards their religion.

2. Jalianwala Bagh

It is another historical place with the great history. Situated about 1 km from the Golden Temple. It is a famous public ground where the grievous act was done by the British Army on the public massacre.

This incident took place on the Punjabi New Year dated 13th April 1919. on this day, the British people brutally opened fire on the mass of people in which379 people died and around 1100 people wounded.

This structure is built in the memory to commemorate the massacre in 1951. So it is another must visit place when you are in Amritsar.

3. Wagah Border

Wagah Border is the border crossing between India and Pakistan. It is situated at a distance of about 30 km from Golden Temple.

At this place, a ceremony takes place in which the soldiers of both the countries show sincere enthusiasm toward their own country. This will give you the patriotic feeling.

4. Durgiana Temple

This temple is a significant Hindu Temple which is situated around one and a half kilometer from Golden Temple. Temple is dedicated to the Goddess Durga. It was built by Harsai Mal Kapoor in 1908.

The temple also has the statues of other Gods and Goddess include Mata Shitla, Lakshmi Narain, Lord Hanuman. You can visit here and do pooja and take blessings of God and make your wish.

5. Akal Takht

It is also a religious place of Sikh temple which was built at the premise of Golden Temple by Guru Hargobind Sahib. This place is used for doing justice and resolve temporary issues. It is one of the highest seats of Guru Khalsa. It is a symbolic creation of the political sovereignty of the Sikhs.

Best Places To Eat In Amritsar

Here is the list of best places to eat in Amritsar, Punjab which include religious places, restaurants or dhabas.

1. Langar of Golden Temple

It is a free dining meal which consists of pure vegetarian food served to every visitor and people as a divine Prasad. It is a simple homemade tasty food which is served the whole day. The best thing is that the food is unlimited and fills several hungry stomachs.

Ambiance- A big &long dining hall, the meals served on the floor to thousands of visitors.

Cuisine Speciality- The langar Prasad have dal, chapatti, sabzi palak paneer, a sweet dish of rice (kheer) &sugared milk.

Price Range– Absolutely Free

2. Kesar Da Dhaba

Located in Shastri Market, Kesar Da Dhaba is a famous eating point which is very suitable for families. It is also a vegetarian restaurant which provides you with a first class yummy food options. As per the survey, it is one of the best places to eat in Amritsar.

Ambiance- There are two sections few have AC and few are Non AC. Here you will find the decent seating arrangements with fast service.

Cuisine Speciality- The Famous cuisine of this restaurant is parathas. They are crisp &soft and you will find varieties of sabzis on the menu. Their specialty is phirni a dessert item which is served in cute earthen cups and the savory lassi.

Price Range– Around INR 500 for two persons. Cards are also accepted here.

3. Kanha Sweets

Located on the Lawrence Road, this famous Kanha Sweets vegetarian food shop is very well known. Many customers explore this food point for a quick breakfast and sweets.

Ambience– Sweet shop with homely seating arrangements.

Cuisine Speciality-The delicious combo of puri channa, bhatura channa with cream filled lassi. You can also try the syrupy jalebis and halwa

Price Range– Around INR 150 for two people.

These are some best places to visit and eat. So visit here once, when you are traveling to Amritsar.

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