How Best Garden Hose Reel Ease Your Garden Task

best Garden Hose Reel

Let us start by defining hose reels. Hose reels are cylindrical spindles used to store a garden hose and make them ready for use. They are made out of different materials, either plastic, metal, fiberglass, or steel.

There are various types of hose reels. They can be categorized by the length and diameter of the hose. As there is a factor of holding, the rating of pressure, and the rewind method. There are reels that are permanently fixed, usually to the outside wall of a house or building, or portable, attached to a cart, a truck, or even a trailer. There are spring driven, hand crank and motor driven garden hose reels.

You have to choose the right one so that your garden hose is safely stored and away from any damage. With the right garden hose reel, you are assured that it will store your garden hose off the ground, thus preventing being damaged by lawn mowers and vehicles, including the damaging rays of the sun. A garden hose reel can greatly help in eliminating the tripping hazard posed by the garden hose.

Types of Garden Hose Reel

You have to take note that there are several types of best garden hose reels – wall mounted garden hose reel, stationary cabinet, automatic best garden hose reel and the portable type. Majority of them are made out of either plastic or metal.

The metal garden hose reel is generally durable and does not easily succumb to any pressure or load. As for the plastic garden hose reel, they are now better in quality compared to the versions in the past. Take note that plastic does not easily crack and end up brittle like its previous version and feels more like rubber nowadays.

Wall Mounted Garden Hose Reel

The wall mount garden hose reel is simply attached to any flat surface as long as it is sturdy enough to support the weight and torque of the winding when it comes to the large garden hose. They can be attached to the house, shed walls or even the fence. They are either right or left handed crank and are mounted either perpendicular or parallel to the fence.

Portable Garden Hose Reel

The portable garden hose reel typically includes a big lever that facilitates it to be moved to the backyard and can be attached to any hose bibs. The only drawback with this type of garden hose reel is that they are not heavy enough to stay in place during the winding of the hose.

Some of the reels are available with a device that moves in a back and forth motion on its own which ensures an even hose winding.

Stationary Cabinet Hose Reel

The stationary cabinet is generally placed in one place. That usually integrated with some kind of storage cabinet that is built-in with the best garden hose reel. You can also opt for the automatic type, but it might cost a lot more compared to the other options discussed.

With the different types of garden hose reel mentioned, you have to figure out which one best suit your house and garden. Making the right choice is indeed beneficial as well as making sure your garden hose stays in the place where it belongs.