Brands make a Beeline for a Bengaluru Resident


In Bangalore, things are being tried and tested constantly. After the mobile phone designers and the notable apparel brands, things are being tested in the other genres. Products in Bangalore are exclusively launched through the online retailers.

You have the array of items and these include television, books, tablets and the rest. Things are being introduced by means of e-commerce setups, and this helps the brand to offer perfect prices by means of controlling the distribution cost.

However, the companies have to spend more to make the ads effective. This is the time when Bangalore witnessing the retail boom has caused many hikes in the industry.

Playing with the Brands

In Bangalore, you have the international clothing brands like Stanley Kane and Dorothy Perkins, and there are in India now through the online retailers in fashion. and are taking Bangalore to heights by making way for most international brands.

This year attempts are made by the mobile makers to try out online retailing through the inlets like, and

In Bangalore, Motorola has been selling innumerable feature-packed mobile devices, and these you can seek for only in Flipkart. However, the same site did not make it much last month, and in the month of August mobile phones were launched designed by Xiaomi. This is similar to the Apple version of China.

Exact Retail Scenario

It is a prediction made that in the next three years based on the findings of the real estate consultancy JLL, there will be a four million square feet mall in Bangaluru, and it is expected to flood the retail landscape at the best.

In the way, a new destination is opened for the visitors and the residents of the city. Some outlets in Bangaluru are newly opened in destinations like Bridge Road, Mahatma Gandhi Road, and Indira Nagar, the residents are not ready to fight the heavy traffic as retails are spreading wings in all directions of the city.

Changing the Face of Bangaluru Retail

In the past twelve months, much has happened with the GT Mall, Magadi Road and Vegacity, Bannerghatta Road, and these are places where the shutters have really rolled up. There is even the Prestige Group’s Forum of Shantiniketan and Mantri Arena.

In fact, these are places getting ready to welcome the buyers with the best of zeal. Most of the brands in Bangaluru are targeting the high spending customers, the retailers and the realtors, on the other hand, are opening new outlets across the city from the region of Sarjapur Road to Yelahanka.

Spicing Up the Bengalureans

The developments taking place are really spicing up things for the Bengalureans. The people, in fact, are spoilt for the new choices. There is UB City in the Vittal Mallya Road and this is hogging the high rollers.

Moreover, brands like Springfield, Toys R Us, and Xiaomi have opened special outlets in Bangaluru in the last twelve months for the reason to reel the customers down the line. In the time Bangalore witnessing the retail boom is scaling high with the innovative retail and online outlets.

It has come to hear that the Swedish retail of Ikea will open up stores in Bangalore making things and items affordable for the general public.

Manu Chandra is executive chef of Olive is of the opinion that in Bangalore there are upscaling European restaurants, and this makes it evident that the city has the best of ingredients to be identified as the successful retail hub. Retailing is not as much popular here as Delhi or Mumbai, but still, people know what they are buying and eating.


Bangalore is on and off trying with newer concepts. Food is one destination where the common people spend money at fancy. There are other areas too where Bangalore is making a mark.

There are brands like Flying Machine and Ruff n Tuff, and you can even talk about iconic labels such as Lee, Wrangler, and Gap with the best of the portfolio.

It is time for celebration as Bangalore witnessing the retail boom and more people here are becoming standard conscious with the goods and items being introduced at best. This is the best retail phase in Bangalore to take the whole city in stride.

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