Here is a list of the top 7 apps that have actually been banned by Google

apps banned by google

The biggest advantage of the Android phones is the openness of ecosystem. Though the Play Store has the various Google-certified Android tablets and Smartphones, however, it is open to a number of other things as well. Google does not make any discriminations based on the content of the app. It also does not put up any restrictions on the Android devices.

Unfortunately, however, there are certain apps banned by Google. In order t know about it better you can go through the below-mentioned discussion:


It is a great android app because it helps in downloading Youtube videos on your android phones. This app has been there for quite some time now. But it is a go-to app if you are interested in downloading Youtube videos and watch them without any data connection or W-fi connection.


This is the other app that is banned by Google. This app allows you to download any file you want. This includes tv shows, MP3 songs, and many other things as well. If you have an Android phone you will surely like this. Another very big advantage of this app is that it has a very simple interface. The learning curve is also not much.


If you are Instagram heavy then this is the ideal app for you. You will be able to zoom in pictures by pressing the button for a longer period of time. With this, you can also download your favorite videos as well as photos on Instagram.


If you are a music lover then this is another app that you would love. This app has also been banned by Google. The biggest advantage of this app is the number of songs that you can download.

There are thousands and thousands of songs present in it. All that you have to do is to search for an album, a song or an artist and then get it downloaded. I would definitely recommend this app to people who want to listen to free music.

5.TV portal

This app is very similar to Hulu and this app is especially meant for those areas that are not supported by Hulu. With the help of this app, you can actually download a number of movies as well as TV shows on your Android device.

This app is absolutely free of cost. If you spent just three bucks then you will also be able to get rid of the in-app advertisements. However, Google banned this app for may be certain issues related to copyright.

6.Amazon app store

The Amazon app store is also one of the top 7 apps that have been banned by Google. Amazon is the only company that was successful in hijacking Android and then bend it as per their will.

This app actually has a number of advantages over the play store. Amazon provides their users with a free paid app every day. This app has also allowed me to play some excellent games. Now, again if you want to get some free music then you can get it from the Amazon music store.

7.Ad Away

This is an app that has been banned by Google because this will be a great threat to the world of mobile advertising if it becomes popular. This is a fairly effective app. It helps you to block all the ads that come every day on your Android device.

There are also certain apps which do not work if Ad Way is installed. It is these in-app advertisements that actually help the developers. So if these advertisements stop then you have to pay a lot of money for the apps that you are currently using for free.

Final words on apps banned by google

Though these apps have been banned by Google, however, they are quite useful. There are other reasons for which these apps have been banned and some of these issues definitely include copyright problems.

These apps, however, help you in a number of ways and using them or not using them definitely depends on you. But if you use these apps you might also have to face some other serious consequences that might be difficult for you to handle.