Meet 7 women entrepreneurs adding luster to India’s beauty industry

women entrepreneurs

There are women entrepreneurs ready to add glamour to the beauty based industry in India. They are exceptional and they are special. They have moved out of their way to do something remarkable.

They are rarely tech and known for introducing remarkable commodities. Here you get the chance to know about the inspiring trendsetters women entrepreneurs of the era.

1.Mehgna Saraogi is a Real Existence

Mehgna Saraogi is not just a name. She is indeed an Indian identity. The graphic designer is the founder of StyleDotMe. This is the app to help in revolutionizing the concept of universal shopping.

She has helped people to try things with the usage of AR or Augmented Reality. This will help you get the useful suggestion from the fashion experts globally. This is the app to help in polling followers and friends, and allow them to select dresses and outfits with voting options.

2.The notion of Thasneem Masood

Thasneem Masood is known to be ethically fashionable. By using her valuable eight years of experience she has collaborated with Advaita Dwivedi to invent the label of Rosabelle.

This is the point where fashion and sustainability join hands crazily. She believes in putting sustainability to the core of everything that is being done. She invents without causing harm to the environment and this makes her so special.

3.Anchal Saini is the Signature

Anchal Saini is the founder of Rent It Bae. Anchal was completely aware of the problem nothing to wear at all, and there isn’t enough space to fit the attires. She got connected with Jaspreet Singh Gujral, Karandeep Singh Gujral, and Amit Sharma to shape and reshape dreams and concepts.

She discovered the tech-based attires and the rental service for the same. Anchal believes in the fact that women have right to look good now and always.

4.Nancy Bhasin is the Real persona

Nancy Bhasin is known to be the ex-advertising personality and she is known to be the brand strategist of the time. She is responsible for setting up the mobile-based community for women in Delhi NCR to swap the clothes after being inspired by TEDTalk by Rachel Botsman for the reason of collaborative consumption.

She worked hard with Sandeep Bedi the co-founder and the sole owner who has been successful previously in the sector of real estate and the energy zones. She has always worked for the notion that efforts of a woman are a million bucks in the society. Nancy Bhasin is really exceptional.

5.Parinitha Manohar the Salon Finder

Parinitha Manohar has been an IT professional formerly. She is known for her job done with the name of Spalontime. This is known to be the Zomato for the salons, and she is one of the beauty players to hit the world in style.

She has formed the podium where people are in constant search for world rates spas and salons. This is where you can read the reviews and get inspired. Finding a right salon is difficult and Parinitha worked for the cause with the best of dedication.

6.Vandana Mohindra the Skin Healer of the Time

Vandana Mohindra is the most successful Indian woman who followed the footsteps of her mother in trying to treat skin blemishes with the best of success.

She is known to be the most successful dermatologist with decades of practice in India, UK, and Sri Lanka. Her mother has taught and inspired her, and Vandana believes in recommending safe, nonsteroidal and trouble-free therapies.

7.The fame of Shabia Walia

Do you know Shabia Walia? She has worked in television for almost 24 years. She is known to be the founder of wild Earth. This is the branded range of the natural products and she stepped in the field with her husband Ravi Walia who is known to be a successful cinematographer.

Shabia started by making body scrubs. The item she made was absolutely chemical free and less expensive. She kept on adding to the range, and now the list includes fifteen types of soaps and scrubs along with lip balms, shower gels, gift sets, face mists and even sulfate free shampoos.


Nothing is impossible for the Indian women entrepreneurs. They believe in the best and believe in scaling heights with aim and imagination in several fields of life.

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